Owl City usurped by Groove Armada on iTunes top albums (MP3)

Hands down one of the most fulfilling dance albums of the year thus far, Groove Armada's Black Light has nicked off one of the most hyped musical acts of the last several months. Bye-bye, Owl City. Black Light, with its 80's Fleetwood-style melodies and sweet spot guest stars (Bryan Ferry!!), just might be here to stay. The English duo announced a short tour last week, and while they won't be coming to Minneapolis, the next best thing would be to pick up the record. If you like electronic music songs that function as forward-thinking pop hits without the pandering, this one's for you.

After the jump, I'll share one of my favorite tracks from the album and continue to ignore the fact that ridiculous pop fakers LMFAO hit at #5...

Download "Shamless" featuring Bryan Ferry here (Sendspace).