Owl City number 1 on Billboard


Until Owl City, Har Mar Superstar, the hirsute popster extraordinaire, was Owatonna's most successful musical export.

Well, for the time being, Har Mar might have to yield the limelight to Adam Young, the appropriately surnamed musician behind Owl City. Today, he topped the Billboard Hot 100, signifying the current high water mark in a career that seemingly has no visible ceiling.

Owl City performing "Fireflies."

The song is Fireflies, the single off of 2009's Ocean Eyes, and you can view its impressive ranking here, if you don't believe us.

In addition to being number one in the Hot 100, it's also number 1 in the digital song category, and rounds out the top 10 in the ringtone category. As we all know in this digital age, ringtones are the sweetest plum.

Good get, Mr. Young. We're in the throes of a local music renaissance to be sure, and the fruits are evident--with Owl City topping the billboard charts and Solid Gold quickly becoming a national name, the Twin Cities may be on the verge of another generation of musical fortunes.