Owl City, MN's biggest pop star, is bro-country now

Where's your cowboy hat, Adam?

Where's your cowboy hat, Adam? Republic

It's tough to keep tabs on Owl City -- Minnesota's biggest contemporary pop star, whether you like it or not -- because of how terrible the music is.  

But Owatonna's Adam Young is still plugging away, applying corny synths to even cornier lyrics, and quietly maintaining his massive fanbase. The eternally boyish 31-year-old is currently teasing his sixth album, Cinematic, which is set to drop next June. 

Last month saw the reveal of three new songs -- "Fiji Water" (pop-EDM with "I ain't a smooth talker / But thanks for the Fiji Water" as the chorus), "The 5th of July" (a twinkling, suffocatingly sentimental re-telling of Young's birth), and "All My Friends" (a goddamn bro-country song). 

The latter track, with its group-shout flourishes and less-than-convincing yee-hawin', is the first Cinematic single. On 2015's critically slammed Mobile Orchestra, Young flirted with bro-country on the Jake Owen-featuring "Back Home," and someone must have further encouraged him. 

Give "All My Friends" a listen below. It's about brawlin'. Or sex. Aww, who are we kidding? It's probably about God. 

So what does Young make of hipster-ass haters like myself? I asked him in 2015

"Yeah, I usually don’t pay that much attention to [music critics]," the hitmaker behind "Fireflies" and "Good Time" explained. "Places like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone have always kind of had a vendetta against me I think just because the style of music is so popular. I always just think it must be a bummer to hate on stuff because you have some sort of self-appointed agenda." 

Sorry, pal. 

Anyway, it's unclear what Young's agenda is for Cinematic. If we're to believe the current aesthetics of his website, it might just have a Stranger Things 3 tie-in (it almost certainly will not). Here's Adam with more specifics, complete with trampoline-flopping, geese-stalking, and flower-twiddling cutaways: