Owl City footed PJs now available

The hits just keep coming for Owl City. After topping the Billboard and iTunes charts in October, Owl City has announced the logical next step in his illustrious career--footed American Apparel pajamas. Duh.

Odd merch tie ins are a rock tradition. Grace Slick lunchboxes? Check. Gene Simmons thong underwear? Check. Har Mar Superstar beer cozies? Well, we haven't actually seen one, but we bet it's in the works.

And now...Owl City footies? Hey, whatever works. We're happy to see Owl City doing the offbeat merch, and even happier to see footed pajamas staging a comeback. Honestly--who DIDN'T pull a Risky Business slide across a freshly waxed hardwood floor when they were kids? Is this a pleasure that should be reserved for childhood? Come on.

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