Owl City announces new record and Roy Wilkins show, hearts Taylor Swift

​​Two-and-a-half unforgivingly short months away, Owl City will be in the nation's faces again.

Announced yesterday, Owl City's follow-up to his inexplicably (literally, by everyone, and none more so than him) successful Ocean Eyes, the ambitiously titled, All Things Bright and Beautiful. Aw!

I previously attempted, in poor taste, to stereotype Mr. Young's fans and it went a little something like this:

The mildly Christian youth from good families who make their friends Kool-Aid, whose kitchens are fully stocked with Nutty Buddy Bars and Easy Mac, who are only allowed to play Nintendo games. Families who have "dens" and the vibe to accompany them.

Which may have been, in retrospect and on the face of it, a bit of an asshole thing to say. But really it was just the therapist's-chair projection of a tumulted youngster on to a completely normal, rather admirably stable way of growing up (eating Easy Mac). Normal people like Adam Young's music, and that's okay. And that's also why he sells (and sells!) records. Time will tell whether, in Young's relatively brief absence, his fans haven't been mutated into drugging sex fiends by that nearly secular Justin Bieber.

In other normal Owl City news, the Star Tribune recently pointed out a half-well-known fact -- that Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted" was written about Owl City and Swift's first meeting -- and this gem, too: Owl City recently reworked the song into a response to Taylor. You can listen to that here.

The release of All Things Bright and Beautiful will be followed by an American tour that ends at Roy Wilkins Auditorium on July 30. Tickets aren't available yet, but stay tuned to Radio Aahs for some giveaways, yeah?

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