Owl City and Big Boi collaborate on new record

We're still sifting through the onslaught of interviews and other coverage that took place over the week of SXSW, but this caught our eyeballs: Apparently Owl City's next record is going to feature some sort of collaboration with OutKast's Big Boi.

[jump] The info comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog, who sat down with Big Boi during his Pepsi MAX-sponsored shindig in Austin last week.

At this point, how soon do you think you might reunite with Andre for another Outkast album?

That's top-secret information, so right now I'm just working on this "Daddy Fat Sax" album, I'm working on my new group, Vonnegut, and as well I just shot the video for my new single, "Be Still" with Janelle Monae. I just worked with Killer Mike, who has a new album coming out on April 19th that's jamming, called "Pledge 3." And I just did a couple of songs - outside appearances: I just did a song with The Game, I just did a record with Owl City, and I'm just working. I'm just having fun - I've been in "Stankonia" just putting it out.

Big Boi has moved into the studio lately to help out behind the scenes on a lot of projects, most notably Janelle Monae, and we're interested what kind of impact he'll have on Owl City's sound, if any.

If nothing else, this explains why Big Boi was rocking "Fireflies" a few weeks ago: