Owen Pallett comes to the Varsity on Sunday, Star Road some day

Is that Link?

Is that Link?

Video-game appropriator and geek culture reference specialist Owen Pallett brings his one-man electrorchestra to the Varsity this Sunday for a barebones pense-fest that will most definitely be way more fun than the description "violin looper" allows for.

I'm going to be reviewing this show and am scared at the nerd-out potentiality, which is ridiculous of me. We're all geeks now. Pallett writes expansive, ruminating songs somewhere between Arcade Fire and '40s ballroom, the chamber and the library.

Pallett covering Mariah Carey (wait for it to hit):

"Peach Plum Pear"

OWEN PALLETT plays this SUNDAY, APRIL 11 at the VARSITY THEATER. 18+. $13/$14 at the door. 8 p.m.