Owen Pallett brings his nonchalant savantism to the Varsity


"I'm battling a tricky voice which I'm medicating with a beer...I've toured with people who medicate with crystals and doctor visits and all sorts of things. I enjoy a cigarette and a beer."

Owen Pallett composes arrangements for a looping station, his violin, and a tiny piano, swirling and multiplying himself together and pruning and diving, alternating bass punch and foppish pluck, ending every song with a "thank you very much" and an endearing giggle.

Watching Pallett perform feels like a passionate, prodigal recital with shoes off, an unassuming savant totally at ease and who seems to not care particularly about the end result; he knows it will at base be listenable, and most likely a beauty.

Pallett is a rare beast, and one to see. Sometimes it's that simple.