Over The Weekend: 12/24

Despite a relatively thin slate of events this week due to the rapidly oncoming holidays, there was still plenty to find around town to entertain yourself. At least, there was if you were me. Which, as far as I know, you aren't. (And if you are, one of us needs to pay our parking tickets and get the starter in the car looked at -- so hop to it after you get done reading this, please.)

SOUL ASYLUM AT FIRST AVENUE Nothing says Christmas like Soul Asylum. Dave Pirner and his merry band performed at First Avenue on Friday night. Pirner's brother, Paul, was not in attendance -- his band (the 757s) was playing elsewhere -- but for some of us music, like the holidays, is a family affair that works better when the relatives aren't around.

Over The Weekend: 12/24

Soul Asylum packed First Avenue on Friday night. Check out our gallery with photos by Daniel Corrigan.

TWO WILD TILTS I know Thursday's game isn't technically a weekend game, but it featured Marian Gaborik's historic performance, a live report from me and roughly 1097 percent more holiday cheer than the Dec. 22 loss to the Red Wings. Hence, I consider it much more worthy of remembrance, and even meritorious of a post-hat trick photograph.

Over The Weekend: 12/24

As for the next game, the actual weekend game, well ... Detroit's likely still steaming over our designation as The New Hockeytown, and they took it out on the Wild in a 4-1 defeat. The best part about Saturday night's contest? Well, have a look at it:

Over The Weekend: 12/24

If four of us had somehow thrown the free commemorative pucks they gave out past Dominik Hasek and into the net, it might have been a better night.

RICE PARK WINTER SKATE After teasing us with temperatures that reached 36 on Friday, I reasoned a Saturday night checking out the Rice Park Winter Skate was the way to go. This would have been an even better time if temperatures hadn't plunged more than 20 degrees during the time it took to eat dinner and head for the ice.

Skating: good times. Ears: still attached. Double your pleasure.

For some reason, though the big tree wasn't lit on Saturday night. What gives? Some sudden twinge of environmentalism? A random guy kicking out the plug after six Grain Belts? Or (my personal favorite theory) one solitary burned-out light forcing an intern to spend six hours climbing through the branches, twisting bulbs and grumbling?

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