Over the Weekend, 1/18-1/20

Thought for the day: falling temperatures don't get you down if you're a) inside, b) sharing a collective entertainment experience alongside kindred spirits, c) preoccupied by great music, or d) all of the above.

We all had our chances for at least one of those four letters this weekend, so if it didn't happen for you, it isn't the cold's fault. Unless you went to the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis, in which case b) might not have kept you warm.

All the more reason to have attended an event where one might groove alongside one's fellow humans. One example:


Celebrating Dr. King in an intimate environment Sunday night were members of the Tru Ruts crew. Fusing spoken word with hip-hop and jazz, the troupe's sounds spread through Babalu Restaurant, just north of the Warehouse District. "Dr. King, we sing these songs for you!" invoked Sha Cage at evening's onset before launching into a set that included her rendition of Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise."

Over the Weekend, 1/18-1/20

Sha Cage performing an original piece about strong women.

Backed musically by the fusion stylings of Quilombolas, Cage and Speakeasy records labelmate Truthmaze each paid tribute to the Reverend in word and spirit. Once Cage and Truthmaze finished their sets, the band paid tribute musically, using funky world rhythms to turn the crowd into one nation under a groove. How do you not love a version of "We Want Peace" sung in Portuguese?

Over the Weekend, 1/18-1/20

Truthmaze, the original b-boy from the North side, with Quilombolas.

This wasn't all the musical weekend had in store.


It's tough to find an indie artist with more current buzz than Bon Iver. We've contributed to this with a profile and an artist of the year selection. The artist also known as Justin Vernon played at the Turf Club in St. Paul on Jan. 17. Pitchfork has the pictures.


The Best New Bands event at First Avenue on Friday night had a lucky number of bands (seven), and we're lucky to have nearly 20 of Daniel Corrigan's pictures. Bands included A Night in the Box, Black Audience, Gay Witch Abortion, Gospel Gossip, M.anifest, Mouthful of Bees and To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie. If you're not much for the local scene and long to pour some sugar on the one you love, you can always see Daniel's shots of Def Repplica -- the Def Leppard tribute group attended the weekend's Twin Cities Music Expo.

What weekend would be complete without soccer? We leave you with this report from our own football junkie, Paul Demko:


Three hours before the AFC championship game kicked off on Sunday, another futbol championship got started in Accra, Ghana. The bi-annual African Cup of Nations features 16 countries from across the continent. Television viewing in the U.S. is a challenge. The only station that broadcasts games is French language 3A Telesud. Thankfully Holy Land Deli, along with serving up some of the best Middle Eastern food on the planet, carries this obscure station. Two years ago, when Egypt won on its home turf, immigrants from across the African continent showed up to watch games at the Northeast Minneapolis eatery.

So I was expecting a crowd at the Holy Land for today’s opening match. But when Ghana kicked off against Guinea at 11 a.m., there were only a handful of folks on hand. The hosts looked like they’d run across some seriously bad juju in the first half. They lashed the ball off the post on three different occasion and a bicycle kick from Asamoah Gyan went just wide.

But the Black Stars went ahead shortly after halftime on the strength of a somewhat dubious penalty kick call. Guinea then answered with an unlikely equalizer off the head of Oumar Kalabane. Just as the match looked to be headed for a 1-1 draw, Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari launched a 90th minute, 30-yard bomb that triggered bedlam in Accra.

Perhaps tomorrow’s Nigeria-Cote D’Ivoire showdown—the most anticipated match of the first round—will attract a few more viewers to the Holy Land. -- Paul Demko

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