Over 50 artists remember Leah Rule on Rock for the Rules Vol. 2

Leah and her husband Rob Rule
Leah and her husband Rob Rule

Last December, the Twin Cities lost a long-time pal and supporter in Leah Rule after her long battle with cancer. With her husband Rob Rule, she helped raise the profile of the Turf Club to its now-legendary status via the St. Paul Music Club, and she left behind a wonderful body of work expressed visually and in music. Her numerous musician friends banded together for a 13-track compilation titled Rock for the Rules, which helped raise money for her medical care.

Now, there's a much-larger collection of songs on the way via Rock for the Rules Vol. 2. At least 50 artists -- including Dillinger Four, Martin Devaney, Dan Israel, Germaine Gemberling, Rank Strangers, Kruddler, a previously unreleased Slim Dunlap track, and so many more -- are involved this time. The album will be unveiled on December 21, the first anniversary of her death.

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The Slim Dunlap contribution has a bit of a story associated with it. The former Replacements guitarist who has experienced health challenges of his own in recent years used to play monthly gigs at the Turf. Following his stroke in early 2012, his family found a demo of "Bar Chord" in his archives. The song is about a supper club and live music venue in Knapp, Wisconsin. And said establishment was once owned by the Rules. With the help of Dunlap's wife, Chrissie, this statement in raw form finds its home on Rock for the Rules Vol. 2.

Over 50 artists remember Leah Rule on Rock for the Rules Vol. 2
Artwork by Pat Mariarity

This tracklisting -- which originated from Leah Rule's handwritten list of artists she wanted to be involved -- could actually be longer by the time December 21 rolls around. The download-only release will be available for $5 (minimum donation) on that date at Rock for the Rules's Bandcamp site.

10w40 "Hoping, Willing, Able"
Al Grande Band "Oh Lonesome Me"
Baby Grant Johnson "Sit Down Beside Me"
Bang Pony "Wish It Away"
Bill Dankert and the Real Austinaires! "The Dream of Hephaestus"
Brian Drake & Kent Militzer "What's the Matter with Nowhere Man?"
Brother Jack & Dearly Departed "Transfuse"
Buffalo Sleeper "Greenway"
Channon Doerr "Waltz For Leah"
D.K. Hazledine "(The Crop) If I Lived Forever"
Dan Israel "I Still Could"
Dana Thompson & The North Coast "Everything's Alright"
Dilinger Four "Like Sprewells On a Wheelchair"
Drunk Drivers "Girls Gone Wild"
Eric Kassel & Friends "I Love"
Georgia Peach "Adam Neal Waltz"
Germaine Gemberling "Here's to Happiness"
Glenrustles "Old Songs"
Impaler "Creature In The Thigh High Boots"
Interstate Judy "Country Crier"
James Randall "A Little Harmony"
Jeaneen Gauthier "Black Noise"
Jennifer Markey "Let My Love Open The Door"
John Ewing "Ocean Called You"
Joseph Coder Incinerator "Woodshed Trump"
Kent Milizer "Only Love"
Kruddler "Mr. Rosenau Goes to Beantown"
Little Man "I See Me"
Mammy Nuns "Banana Cake"
Martin Devaney "Over My Shoulder"
Max Edwards "Triptic"
Mike Nicolai "Let Me in Your Rocket?"
Puppies & Trains "Recognize the Enemy"
Rank Strangers "Turf Club Theme"
Rob Rule "Bowling"
Screaming Vermilion "Working Man"
Slim Dunlap "Bar Chord"
Static Taxi "We Do"
Stereo Rules "Shitty Day"
Terry Rouch "On That Day"
That's What You Get (twyg) "Tuesday Night at the Turf Club"
The Beatifics "It's Just As True As It Has To Be (demo)"
The Dickens "Best of My Better Days"
The Mad Ripple "This Is It"
The NodAways "Country Sunshine"
The Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence "Knew Order (Live at the
The Red Flags "Rearview Mirror"
The Roe Family Singers "The Coo Coo Bird"
The Whirligigs & Big Backyard "The Rain Won't Help You When It's Over"
Tulip Sweet "I Like to Dream"
Vibrational States "Always All Ways"
Whale in the Thames "Leah Rules!"
Who Shot Sally "Let Me See You Dance"

Rock for the Rules Listening Party. 21+, $3, 8 p.m., Saturday, December 21 at Turf Club. The event will include the unveiling of Martin Devaney's video for "Over My Shoulder" and a live performance by Ol' Yeller. More info here

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