Ornette Coleman's Set List

Here is the set list from Ornette Coleman's fabulous show at Ted Mann Auditorium Friday night.

Call To Duty

Song World

Minor Business

Once Only


Waiting For You

Mob Job

Follow the Sound

Sleep Talking

Song X

(Encore) Lonely Woman

Coleman's quartet included a pair of bassists and his son Denardo on drums. The leader announced only the last song of the set and the encore, probably because they were clearly the best-known and most recognizable tunes. "Song X" was the title track of his collaborative CD with guitarist Pat Metheny. The frequently covered "Lonely Woman" is by now a jazz standard.

I don't recall nor could I find any of the first six songs anywhere in Ornette's discography, so they are probably brand new, or, more probably, significant variations on past Coleman material. "Mob Job," which wasn't on the original, typed set list (it's jotted down in ink) was also included on the Song X CD, and most recently appeared on Coleman's Sound Museum CDs, Hidden Man, and Three Women. "Follow the Sound" is new, and "Sleep Talking" is probably the same or very much akin to "Sleep Talk," featured on Ornette's Of Human Feelings disc.

In addition to the absence of "Mob Job," the original set list had a song entitled "Round About" typed in between "Sleep Talking" and "Song X," and then crossed out.  Another vintage Coleman tune, "Turn Around," was penned in as a second encore at the bottom of the typed set list, but wasn't played and is also crossed out. 

I'm looking forward to engaging CP Arts Editor Dylan Hicks in a diablog about the gig. Would also love to hear from any folks who saw the show and want to offer their opinions or clarifications--I'll print portions of the ones I like. Post me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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