One Man Minneapolis, a contest for bros with a heart (and body) of gold

(photo courtesy mezone of via Flickr)

Are you a man? Are you really into fitness? Have you been told that your face is attractive? Do you dress well? Do you drink vodka? Are you willing to be competitive online and in front of an audience at the Pantages Theatre, defending your extreme awesome One-ness? Also, are you into charity and active in the local community? Are you actually a real person that exists? This may be the contest for you.

One Man Minneapolis is a contest intended to be in good fun. Candidates need to be male, in the 24-44 age range, live in the Twin Cities or surrounding area, and be willing to have pictures, video interviews, and other mildly embarrassing information about your available on the web so people can vote on your hotness, both inside and out. Five finalists will then be selected to compete in front of a live audience, and be judged by local celebrities at Pantages July 18.


The winner will be given $5,000, a Tag Heuer watch, and $1,000 to be donated to the charity of his choice.

To enter, check out the form at Be prepared to answer questions on your fitness regime, height and weight, things you like about the Twin Cities, and what you would do in an Absolut world (the contest's sponsor). Their suggested answer: "My 401(k) would receive a bail-out" or "All cars would run on laughter." My suggested answer: "Is a future where the world is run by a vodka company a utopia or dystopia? Either way, the prospect it terrifying in its potential health repercussions."

The man-tastic deadline for One Man Minneapolis is May 10.