One for the ages: CJ's Lohan streak to 13 columns


class=img_thumbleft>While so-called professional press critics are fulminating about coverage of the Rove/Plame grand jury, the Roberts nomination, and the Iraq war, the most amazing streak in American journalism continues to pass under radar. With yesterday's item about Lindsay Lohan's tan, Strib gossip columnist CJ has mentioned the starlet they call Lindsay Blohan in 13 consecutive columns.

Some fun facts about the CJ streak:

* CJ's last Lohan-free column, published on June 28, was anchored by a 425-word item about local businessman Irwin Jacobs's daughter.

* If Lohan's name appears in tomorrow's and Sunday's columns, CJ's streak will cover the entire month of July.

* The last four of the 13 consecutive Lohan mentions occurred after the paper-thin bottle-blonde left town!

* Closest call: CJ's July 24 column did not mention Lohan until the very last line.

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