On KISS, fandom, and the Twin Cities 'Rock Twins'

Mark Bringardner shows off his KISS memorabilia
Mark Bringardner shows off his KISS memorabilia

Just in case you haven't picked up an issue of this week's City Pages, allow us to direct your attention to a must-read article by Danny Sigelman on what it means to be a lifelong fan of KISS.

In addition to interviewing Tommy Thayer, the former die-hard KISS fan who went on to replace Ace Frehley as the band's guitarist, Danny shares his own early memories of discovering KISS and speaks to twin brothers Paul and Mark Bringardner, known locally as the Rock Twins, about their love for the band.

Read Danny's article here, and check out the list he put together of the top 13 KISS commercials of all time, including one he created with Thayer to promote this weekend's show at the State Fair.

KISS perform this Saturday, September 4, at the State Fair Grandstand. More info here.

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