OMG WTF NO WAY: 'Roughly 60' people saw Prince play for Madonna at Paisley Park

Madonna loves Prince; we all love Prince

Madonna loves Prince; we all love Prince

An entire stadium's worth of music fans saw Madonna perform Thursday at Xcel Energy Center.

A much, much smaller number of lucky bastards saw Madonna in the early hours of Friday, when the Queen of Pop popped into Prince's Paisley Park studio/venue to see The Purple One play for "roughly 60" people, reports Andrea Swensson of 89.3 the Current. 

Swensson was among "33 civilians" who were "summoned" to Chanhassen hours earlier with the promise of an "extra special" event. They wearily danced for two hours before Madonna strolled into Prince's complex around 2 a.m., her dance crew in tow. 

Shorly thereafter, Prince and his band 3RDEYEGIRL appeared, and tore into a 10-song set in the near-private setting. Here's part of Swensson's account: 

"I decided to try to discretely scan the room to see where Madonna was taking in the show. I had expected her to hang back a bit, or maybe sitting in her roped-off area, but once I stepped a little closer to the stage I realized that she was not only in the front row, but had perched on the edge of the stage at Prince’s feet, looking up at him adoringly as he sang."

No. Fucking. Way. 

Apparently Madonna looked straight-up awed as Prince scorched through a guitar solo, Swensson notes. Prince also seemed awestruck to be intimately performing for Madge, as he nervously futzed with stage equipment before engaging in a megastar-to-megastar whisper session, which he capped by saying, "Cool."

Things wrapped up around 3 a.m.; you should absolutely read Swensson's entire recap of the magical and rare early morning celebrity supernova. Here's what Prince played for Madonna: 



Use Me (Bill Withers cover)

Ain’t About to Stop

Pick Out My Clothes

1000 X’s and O’x

X’s Face

Free Yourself

Sign O the Times

Work to Do (Average White Band cover)