Oh my gawd: 400 hrs of the Lips?

Doc on Okie band is out there, somewhere

The long-anticipated documentary on the Flaming Lips, titled "The Fearless Freaks," is reportedly completed. (Culled from an unbelievable 400 hours of footage.) It also apparently screened at SXSW, but I have no clue where it's showing beyond. (Kidding: It's coming to Bell as part of M-SPIFF. Shhh!)

Looks like there's a little too much emphasis on the Wayne-is-a-Genius thing. But there appears to be plenty of raw archival footage, for those of us who know the band's expansive history and can't stomach the pink-and-fuzzy Yoshimi fetishists any longer. (Like, hey, is that Steven about to shoot up? Yep.)

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