Off With Their Heads sign with Epitaph

According to Rich over at Switchblade Comb, local punk rockers Off With Their Heads have recently signed a deal with Epitaph Records, which has housed national acts like NOFX, the Offspring, and owner Brett Gurewitz's band Bad Religion. The band will reportedly start recording their new album for Epitaph next month. For those unfamiliar, Off With Their Heads is one of the most underrated pop-influenced punk bands to come out of the Twin Cities in recent years -- despite maintaining a fairly low profile at home, they spend a significant amount of time on the road and have toured both the US and Europe with great success.

For a sample of their music, here's a video for Off With Their Head's "Fuck This I'm Out":

Off With Their Heads - Fuck This, I'm Out from Mario Framingheddu on Vimeo.