Odd Future will make their first million on their own terms

Odd Future didn't sign a record deal today but did, according to several reports, take a big step towards some millions. While the details are still hazy, the nature of the "deal" is pretty interesting given that these kids could've gone with literally any label they wanted. Instead they just went with themselves.

Several places are reporting that LA's opposite-day glee club will be attaching their star to RED Music, an "artist development company" and subsidiary of Sony Music. What that means is that Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All will have the last say in all areas of their business and art, with the benefit of a label-like machine behind them. Their manager released this statement on the decision:

It's based on getting the distribution deal we've always envisioned that allows the group to "sign themselves" to their own company and keep their masters. They will have 100% creative control of all aspects of their music, art, and release schedule with no 3rd party participation in outside business. Freedom and ownership was the whole point. Red and Sony know that its in everyone's best interest to maintain the group's authenticity and control. They built it, they deserve it. There's no cheesy hooks or fluorescent liquor product placements in the works... It's about to be fun... and different...

And another statement, from Odd Future's publicist:

LA artist collective OFWGKTA continue down a non-traditional path creating their own recorded music label 'Odd Future Records'. Tyler, Hodgy, Leftbrain, Domo, Mike, Syd and crew will partner with Sony's RED Distribution arm to release music-based content consistent with their vision.

The direction is obviously a smart one, considering that Odd Future's "brand" (brand) has been conceptualized and created by them every step of the way, and any dilution to that end would probably end in a (likely entertaining, if sad) debacle.

Our sister paper, the Phoenix New Times, has a great roundup of all the various members' insinuating tweets.

And, as a bonus, here's Tyler The Creator responding to a tweet Mike 2600 sent on the ridiculous bail set for a graffiti artist:

"@Mike2600: Revok in jail with $320,000 bail for graffiti. BP still at large for vandalizing the Gulf of Mexico." FUCKless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

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