Odd Future, "Sandwitches"

Odd Future is a rap collective from California that released a new song today. They don't have a Wikipedia page.

Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Jasper, Mike G, and Wolf Haley are some smart, spleenful skateboard kids that have recently been shouted out by GZA, courted by record labels, maligned for their lyrical content, improperly classified in Rolling Stone, and called "most anticipated" by MTV. They've released eight mixtapes and various songs, all available for free, and are as dislikable in certain respects as they are talented in every other.

Starting at the end: the final words of the Odd Future's new song "Sandwitches" are: "We don't make fucking horrorcore you fucking idiots." Odd Future get that a lot. Horrorcore: nearly twenty years old now, made infamous by Gravediggaz and properly famous (and stupendously dumb) by Insane Clown Posse. Thematically related to black metal. Sort of.

At first listen you may hear a bunch of dudes talking about nasty things and think that Odd Future and horrorcore sound the same, which of course they don't and aren't. Horrorcore and whatever the fuck Odd Future is are chasing two very different finish lines, and Odd Future is scarier anyways (what's scarier than empowered and disaffected youth?). They tread the same territory that hip-hop has forever, just owned and personalized and inched forward by a group of people who've made it their goal to own shit. Respected rap brain Noz Scaggs wrote today: "when OF does go dark they usually play it tongue and cheek and tactfully." Switch out "tactfully" for "with panache" and you start to understand.

Odd Future, "Sandwitches"

You can download all of Odd Future's music at their website, including the song above.

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