October 5, 2009: Moby & Lookbook

October 5, 2009: Moby & Lookbook

Twin Cities News:
-- The Current has audio from Moby's in-studio performance.
-- Rolling Stone offers its first look at Bob Dylan's Christmas album.
-- The Wake has a review of Mason Jennings' Blood of Man.
-- Culture Bully has a review of Lookbook's Wild at Heart while l'etoile inteviews the duo.
-- CB also has photos from Pierced Arrows, Peelander-Z & Birthday Suits at the Turf Club.
-- Artcetera has a brief recap of Wilco's show at the Roy.
-- "P.O.S. has booked a short tour with Eyedea and Abilities before his run with Saosin which kicks off in November."
-- Empty's Tapes has audio from the Poor Weather Club at the Triple Rock.

Local Concert Highlight(s):

-- Stanley Clarke Trio @ Dakota Jazz Club
-- KMFDM @ First Avenue
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Chimes and Bells "Choir of Young Believers" (mp3)
-- El Perro Del Mar "Change of Heart" (mp3)
-- Fool's Gold "Surprise Hotel (Micachu and the Shapes remix)" (mp3)
-- Jesus H. Foxx "I'm Half The Man You Were" (mp3)
-- Kläder & Vapen "What Have I Done (David E Sugar remix)" (mp3)

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