Obama enlisted Prince for 'private' White House concert

Prince at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Prince at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Being the president of the United States is hard. Critics will question your patriotism, call you a terrorism apologist, and diagnose you as a psychopath. Michael Jordan might even call you a "shitty golfer."

But there are perks to the gig. For example, last Saturday President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, along with 500 of their closest friends, enjoyed a private Prince concert, according to the Washington Post. We've heard of meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, but this is ridiculous!

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But White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest - possibly the most conveniently surname'd man alive, career-wise - downplayed any charges of ridiculousness Monday, telling reporters the event was, "an opportunity for the President and First Lady to host some of their friends at the White House at a party that they paid for themselves." He refused to elaborate on the cost of the party, adding, "[The] President and First Lady did hold a private party at the White House over the weekend, but given the private nature of that event I don't have a lot of details to discuss from here."

Celebrities like Russell Wilson, Ciara, Jon Bon Jovi, James Taylor, Tyler Perry, and Connie Britton were among those friends, the Post reports, plus cabinet-level officials, philanthropists, fashion designers, and corporate executives. Stevie Wonder was in attendance and reportedly performed "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" with Prince. Sasha and Malia also made the cut. Here's a photo from the evening posted by Wilson, who must, like, totally be dating Ciara. Rev. Al Sharpton also seemed to have a good time:

Reports suggest Prince played "Kiss" and "Purple Rain," because why the hell wouldn't he? The Minnesota music legend was in the area for two shows at Washington D.C.'s Warner Theatre on Sunday, gigs that prompted the Post to ponder, "Is Prince the best person who has ever done this whole music thing?"