Now, Now drummer Bradley Hale working on Sombear solo project [AUDIO]

Now, Now drummer Bradley Hale working on Sombear solo project [AUDIO]

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Now, Now's Threads is one of the most-accomplished albums -- by a Minneapolis-based artist or any artist -- of 2012. Since its release back in March, the trio has been spreading their hook-filled pop-punk experiments all over via some heavy touring. Dust the album off, or get into it for the first time, and relish Cacie Dalager and Jess Abbott's catchy vocal interplay.

Meanwhile, drummer Bradley Hale can sing too. Of late, he has been semi-quietly at work on an electronic solo side project called Sombear. (Ed: Is that like Winnie-the-Pooh when he's faced with an empty honey jar?) He describes it as "a way of reliving that youthful spirit without the confinement of hallways soaked in testosterone."

A few dream-poppy songs from the Incredibly Still EP -- originally slated to be out already -- have popped up online in the past few months.

Here's "Incredibly Still":

And "Easy Thief" from his Bandcamp page:

Plus, a Sombear remix of another band with a comma in its name, Halloween, Alaska:

Hale has provided updates at his Tumblr page, including a note last week that explained why the buzz of earlier this year was quickly quieted:

Today is the start 

I'm really excited to say that today I am officially starting the recording process for an EP. I tried to put out something a while back but it fell through. Now I am working with one of my best friends to make something that I know will sound incredible and express the exact feeling that I want you all to experience when you listen. 

Follow along for updates. There will be many as this is my first 'solo' studio recording experience. 
LOVE, brad

The pal in question is Tarlton's Brett Bullion, and quite a few details of the sessions are popping up on his Twitter page.

Now, Now drummer Bradley Hale working on Sombear solo project [AUDIO]

As we await Now, Now's return to the local stage at the Summit Backyard Bash with Doomtree and other locals, it's a pleasant thought that there will be yet another way to tap into the creativity lurking within the group.

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