Now, Now drop "Dead Oaks" video, Triple Rock hosts local release show

As the excitement continues to build over Now, Now's upcoming sophomore record, Threads, we get the first video taken from the new batch of songs, the snappy but all-too-fleeting "Dead Oaks." That number also served as the title-track from Now, Now's recently released digital EP, which was put out by Chris Walla's Trans Records. The label is also handling the release of the local trio's forthcoming full-length, which is due out March 6.

The playful video, directed by Mitchell Wojcik, captures clips of the band on the road, performing live, doing photo shoots, as well as plenty of goofing around, and is as exuberant as the song is. While "Dead Oaks" is just a brief glimpse of what the rest of the record will sound like, it still remains a strong introduction to the band's bolder new direction.

In addition to the new video, Now, Now have also solidified plans for a local record release show at the Triple Rock on March 3. Tarlton will serve as the opening act for this highly anticipated show, and tickets are $10, and go on-sale today at noon. That performance will also be a send-off of sorts for the band, as they embark on a lengthy U.S. tour which finds them opening for the Naked And Famous, along with some notable showcase shows at SXSW.

Now, Now are clearly a band on the rise, and everything that has been released so far from the new record shows that while their catchy, infectious sound has evolved and grown in texture as they swelled to a three-piece (and signed to Walla's high-profile label), they still know how to craft indellible numbers that remain stuck in your head for quite a while. Look for big things from Now, Now in 2012 and beyond.

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