Nothing says Xmas like revived local art punks

class=img_thumbleft>Jim Walsh previews tonight's Flamin' Oh's comeback in City Pages. And this just in our email from Rich Mattson: "This Friday, December 23rd, a very special event: Flamin' Oh's--CD Release Party! with special musical guests: 11:30 Flamin' Oh's, 10:30 Ol' Yeller, 9:30 Blame, 8:30 The Hard Left at the FINE LINE, 318 1st Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401 612-338-8100. Now, let me tell you all a little story about my love affair with the Flamin' Oh's. Way back in the summer of 1980 I was a 13 year old rock and roll fan without a clue in tiny West Eveleth Minnesota. I was listening to Ted Nugent, Van Halen, Kiss, and just starting to find bands like the Cars and the Police. I was leaving my friend Timmy Leseman's house one day and heard this punchy, poppy, completely infectious rock and roll music playing out of his neighbor's window. The neighbor was one of the big bullies of the village, of which there were so many back then..

"Anyway, I stood out there and listened, beside myself, wondering who this band was, what was this music? I had to know!! It was too cool! I mustered up all my courage and knocked on the door. The bully hollered down the stairs, "WHADDAYA WAANNT?!?!" "What are you listening to!?" I hollered back up the stairs. "FLAMIN' OH'S--THEY'RE FROM DA CITIES!!" he yelled back at me. I was stunned. They had an album? They played their own music? And they were from..DA CITIES? I had no idea that was possible. In a matter of seconds I had a whole new outlook on life, a new career ahead of me and a new favorite band. Over the next few weeks I managed to beg the neighborhood bully into recording his record onto a cassette for me, which I wore out completely until I found my own copy of the album some 7 years later..

"In May of 2005 I got a call from Robert Wilkinson, the singer and guitarist for the Flamin' Oh's, asking about my studio and talking about how they were planning to record a new album, their first studio album in 20 years! "We just want to make an album, no b.s." I damn near fell on the floor! December 2005, and Long Live the King the new Flamin' Oh's album is complete and ready for your aural consumption. Personally I am very proud of it, and recording it was the feather in my cap, the cat's meow, the wind beneath my wings, and all around a joy to be a part of. After all those years listening as a fan, the Flamin' Oh's really ARE all that, and more. What a great rock and roll band, and a sweet bunch of guys they are. I hope you can make it down to the Fine Line to help celebrate with us.

"Cheers and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

"Rich Mattson Ol' Yeller"

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