Noted zombie actor Al Pacino to portray noted zombie pop svengali Phil Spector in HBO movie

Noted zombie actor Al Pacino to portray noted zombie pop svengali Phil Spector in HBO movie

Gimme Noise gave up watching Hollywood movie awards ceremonies some time back, and Al Pacino is one of the reasons why. Al Pacino is awesome, but these days, Al Pacino is also old, out-of-sorts, bedraggled, confused.

Spiffed and tailored and rattily tuxed, Al Pacino isn't aware that even though nobody's paying him handsomely to wander back and forth in front of cameras, he's sill Al fucking Pacino, and by extension, Michael Corleone, Lt. Vincent Hanna, Willie Bank, Tony Montana, et al. Watching him shuffling around on TV is like watching Clint Eastwood or Jack Nicholson in the same milleu; it's an excruciating reminder of everyone's mortality. Even Johnny Depp's.

Given his present zombie like mien, the recent announcement that Pacino will portray alleged murderer/pop genius Phil Spector in as yet-untitled HBO film should come as a shock to no one. Gimme Noise is ambivalent about Pacino's recent work, but might consider Netflixing the man's turn as Spektor in the naïve, unfounded hope that writer/director David Mamet turns the picture into a Jim Jarmusch ponderosa and schlock-y referendum on Pacino's greatest hits. 

A few suggestions...

1. Smoking a Santa Claus-shaped hooka with Leonard Cohen (Gary Oldman) during the Death of a Ladies' Man sessions, and sharing this tender exchange:

Cohen: I do what I do best. I transmute literature into codeine pop. You do what you do best - trying to press play on guys like me.

Spektor: You never wanted a normal-type life?

Cohen: What the fuck is that? Barbecues and ballgames?

Spektor: That's part of it.

Cohen: What are you, a monk?

2. A scene where Pacino, in period 1979 Spektor drag, waves a pistol -- no, make it a Desert Eagle, for heightened dramatic effect -- at Dee Dee Ramone's chest during the contentious End of the Century sessions, screaming "Gimme all ya got! Gimme all ya got!" Ramone, naturally, would be played by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons.

3. An intense heart-to-heart between Pacino-as-Spektor and Ike Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) during the River Deep - Mountain High sessions, where a stiff Spektor warns Turner that, left unchecked, his love for then sweetheart Tina Turner could turn deadly. "Love her, man, love her, but don't love her to the point that she winds up kissing your gun or something."

4. A long, uncomfortable scene where Pacino-as-Spektor awkwardly takes tea with an equally reticent Yoko Ono during a break from the sessions for 1981's Season of Glass. George Takai would portray Ono, obviously. 

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