Not everything's bad! This guy will write a song about your pet for $5.

Seth Duin, seen here doin' music.

Seth Duin, seen here doin' music. David Dennison

These times? They're fucking trying, man! 

As coronavirus (COVID-19) amplifies human suffering to horrifying extremes, living under political/economic systems designed to profit from human suffering is... discouraging. 

So these days it's all about finding small joys, something Minneapolis musician Seth Duin is peddling to great effect: For $5, he'll study a photo of your pet and write an original jingle about it. 

The idea was born out of seasonal depression last winter, Duin says. Snowbound while living in Montreal, the guitarist for local rock band General B & the Wiz started searching PetFinder for goofy-looking pups to cheer himself up. 

"Maybe I was starting to go crazy," Duin says. "But I began singing little jingles to them, and thought it would be funny to throw a vocoded AutoTune filter on my reaction."

Duin was soon fielding requests on Twitter and Instagram. He happily obliged. 

Fast-forward one year, and coronavirus has effectively shut down live music. 

"Then came this whole quarantine," Duin says. "I'm a musician, and allllll my gigs got canceled."

Artists began pivoting to live-streaming, which prompted Duin to ask his Insta followers: What would you like to see? He was met with cries for more doggo vids. 

He happily obliged, but this time around all pet species are eligible and a $5 Venmo fee applies ($1 will be donated to charities Feeding America or Open Arms of Minnesota). So far, Duin has churned out around 80 videos and he's fielding requests from all over the world -- dogs, cats, squirrels, hamsters, bunnies, lizards, guinea pigs, a painting of a fox, and a stuffed eagle.

Here's a taste: 

"I've had random people around the world messaging me saying the thread is bringing them some laughs -- which is really special given this collective anxiety we're all feeling right now," says Duin, who recently invited KARE 11 into his home studio to capture the process. "It's great to know that these goofy jingles are bringing people some temporary respite in the midst of the hellish news we're taking in each day."

Want a theme song for your pet? Hit Duin up via Twitter, where he's compiling a thread of his favorites. He's currently backlogged with requests, so expect a two- or three-week wait time. This pandemic isn't going away anytime soon. 

In other coronavirus-related pet news: We asked for pix of your lil cuties, and lord you delivered.