Norwood excerpt

In this scene Norwood is preparing to drive two cars (well, drive one and tow the other) from Texas to New York City for a shady entrepreneur named Grady Fring. At the last minute, Finch tells Norwood that he?ll be traveling with on Miss Phillips, whom Fring intends to put to work as an entertainer of some not entirely legal variety.


Miss Phillips glared at Grady. ?I hope you don?t think I?m gonna ride to New York with this country son of a bitch.?

            Grady laughed. ?She?ll cool off, Norwood. It?s really me she?s mad at, not you. She thought she was going up on a Delta jet. Perhaps you can understand her disappointment. I didn?t think you would mind her coming along.?

            ?Naw, it?s fine with me. If she wants to. I don?t think she wants to.?

            ?She?ll get over that.?
            ?I wish Sammy Ortega was here,? said Miss Phillips. ?He?d break your arm.?

             ?I?d like to see him try it,? said Norwood.

            ?I was talking to Fring, I wasn?t talking to you,? she said. ?But he?d get you too if he felt like it, you bigmouth country son of a bitch. He?d kick your ass into the middle of next week.?

            ?I?d like to see him try it.?

            ?You just got through saying that. Don?t keep saying the same thing over and over again. Don?t you have good sense??

            ?You said you was talking to him the first time.?

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