Northeast Folk Festival 2012 lineup -- Grumpy's this Saturday

Northeast Folk Festival 2012 lineup -- Grumpy's this Saturday

Folk music. It's well-loved here in the Twin Cities, and there is hardly a better place to celebrate its prominence than the rowdy, unpretentious Grumpy's NE. This Saturday, Grumpy's will be featuring a slew of local folk talent in its 14th Annual Northeast Folk Festival.

The lineup consists of 21 different acts, split between an outdoor and an indoor stage. Some prominent local folk names will be filling out the bill. Black Audience (pictured), Mother Banjo, the Roe Family Singers, Nikki and the Ruemates, Gabe Barnett, and Paul Metsa -- along with a host of other talented bands -- round out this hefty list.

Check out the video for "Move Along Train" from Black Audience:

What's great about folk music, and particularly folk festivals, is that unlike a lot of other assorted summer music fests, the hype is downplayed and the music is allowed to be the life of the party. You want a good time with a couple drinks and some knee-slappin' good tunes? It's a safe bet between Grumpy's and the Bitter Spills, you'll get it.

Here's a song from Gabe Barnett:

The full lineup and schedule:

12:00-Pre-Existing Conditions
1:00- The People's Chariot
2:00- Nikki And The Ruemates
3:00- Roe Family Singers
4:00- Felonious Bosch
5:00-Black Audience
6:00- Dan Newton
7:00- Little Ripley Band
8:00-Gabe Barnett

12:30-Country Mike
1:30-Bob Rue
2:30- Dave Babb
3:30- John Magnuson
4:30- Mother Banjo
5:30-Alicia Corbett
6:30- Jim Crego
7:30- Calamity Jean
8:30-Mike Nicolai
9:30-Germaine Gemberling
10:30- Paul Metsa
11:30- Bitter Spills

Everything kicks off at noon at Grumpy's NE, 2200 4th St. NE, Minneapolis. This is a free event, which means if you were planning on mowing the lawn or doing something responsible on your Saturday off, you suddenly have a really good reason not to. 

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