Nomad World Pub

Nomad World Pub

The Nomad World Pub

is slated to open its doors in just two days. Taking over the former Five Corners Saloon space, the bar will kick things off Wednesday night with a show by local hip hop heroes





The West Bank saloon has been completely refurbished. Wooden booths have been installed along the front of the room. The bar has been refinished. A massive new window allows considerable sunlight into the previously dank watering hole. The walls are freshly painted mustard yellow. A new sound system has been installed and the stage freshly carpeted.

But when I stopped by to take a peek this afternoon the transformation was still very much a work in progress. There were 20-or-so folks milling about the place. Scraps of carpet and stray pipes littered the floor. Beer vendors passed through pushing cases of Rebel and Hacker Pschoor. An Asian woman was screwing coat hooks onto the front of the bar. Three sawdust-coated white guys were installing a ceiling fan. The sign for the front of the building wasn't even slated to arrive until tomorrow. The Nomad's owners will likely still be pounding nails and painting when the first customers walk through the front door in 48 hours.

Co-owner Chris Mozena seemed non-plussed by the last-minute preparations.Wearing jeans, birkenstocks, and a skull cap, he explained that the space originally opened as a saloon in 1903. At various times during its existence the building has also housed a casino and a brothel. Mozena, who along with two partners purchased the building in December, said that their goal in renovating the space was to restore its original layout. "It's exactly what it looked like when the place was built," he noted.

Mozena is still filling out the music calendar. On St. Patrick's Day there will be an early set by fiddler (and sometime Jayhawk) Razz, with Celtic-ska band Machinery Hill to follow. Friday night's set features stellar local rockers Little Man and Ol' Yeller. Also slated to play the space in the near future are Portland roots-rockers Dolorean and Ohio metal band Bobaflex. "It's gonna be a relatively eclectic mix of stuff," Mozena promised.

Construction will not stop at the Nomad even after Wednesday's opening. There are plans to construct a patio on the south side of the building by summer. And they hope to eventually transform the upstairs into a dance club.

"We want to re-invigorate the West Bank," Mozena said, noting that the neighborhood has more live-music venues than any other area in the Twin Cities. "This should be the music row of Minneapolis."

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