Nomad bouncer's house ravaged by fire, Haphduzn hosting benefit

Nomad bouncer's house ravaged by fire, Haphduzn hosting benefit
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

The Nomad World Pub is hosting a benefit show for one of its own this Saturday. Q, the bar's bouncer, lost nearly all his and his family's belongings in a house fire a few short weeks ago. So friends Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm raced to put together a bill of artists that could help raise money on Q's behalf.

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"Q is not my blood relative but I've known him and his family my entire life," says Haphduzn, who will be hosting the event which features Meta, Mavin MC, DJ Snuggles, Illab, Rob-1, and more. "His uncle is my Godfather and his mother helped me through the hardest point in my life, basically a mom figure when I didn't have parents. He's similar to me in changing his life around for the better as well. [He] went from hustling for most of his life to getting his degree at Dunwoody and making it into the Iron Workers Union. He's a very responsible family man and one of the best friends a person could have."

Fortunately, Q's family escaped injury in the blaze, but they lost all of their belongings. The benefit show is an attempt to set him up with something to help him get started in rebuilding his home and get back some semblance of normal.

It's another inspiring example of the music community coming together to help someone through a dire situation. The event has come together quickly, thanks to the artists who were all more than willing to lend a hand and help out.

"To be honest, I really haven't [known Q very long, but] Q's a good brother, and a lot of people deal with the Nomad and deal with the staff. The least I could do was have his back in a time of need, because he's got a family to take care of. That's really all I heard, and that's all I needed to hear," says Meta, who's devoting his time in an already packed schedule of shows. "I feel like we want to treat Minneapolis as a community, and if I can help him I'm gonna help him, and I know a lot of people feel the same way. That's what most people love about up here. That's what I love. I would want somebody to have my back if something went wrong unexpectedly. The least we could do is lead by example."

Beyond the good cause is simply a great line-up of local rap acts who are all in their prime right now. The Nomad sits on our list one of the ten best places to see hip-hop in the city, and this show in and of itself stands to be a highlight of the weekend. But most of all, you can feel like you're contributing to a worthy cause. "If we don't realize the importance of social issues, helping those who've fallen on hard times, or people who need guidance then we're just self serving pricks who aren't concerned with the welfare of others," says Haphduzn. "It's more about our responsibilities as human beings."

Nomad bouncer's house ravaged by fire, Haphduzn hosting benefit
Benefit for Q. Mavin MC, DJ Snuggles, Illab, Skreech, Meta, DJ Frank Castle, and hosted by Haphduzn. 9 p.m., Saturday, June 8 at Nomad World Pub. $5-$10.

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