Noisettes play free show at the Varsity tonight


As the old adage goes, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." And for the most part, that applies to rock shows, too. Aside from the few venues in town that keep their shows cover free (the Hexagon, the 501, the 331 Club), it seems like a show that is labeled as "free" always comes with a catch. But try as we might, we cannot find a snag in tonight's free Noisettes show at the Varsity Theater. The show, it would appear, is just plain free.

The Noisettes are a band worth checking out, regardless of the ticket price; their high-energy neo-soul/funk/pop nuggets are sure to get people bouncing. Local experimental electro band Dearling Physique will open. (7pm doors, 18+.)

Here are a couple of Noisettes videos to get you ready for tonight's show: