No Joke: Comedic Fundraiser to be Held for Local Screenwriter


Some time ago, we brought you the story of children’s author and aspiring screenwriter Christopher Harmon, a Burnsville resident who’s got a few books under his belt despite being a quadriplegic, deaf, legally blind, and unable to use his voice. Many inspired readers wrote in and asked how they could help get his completed screenplay, “Sparkle, Serena!” off the ground. Here’s one way:

On August 6th, Acme Comedy Club will host a night of comedy with proceeds going to Harmon’s fledgling production company, Legacy Pictures, Inc. In addition to headliner Emo Phillips, three comedians will take the stage during two shows-- Jackie Kashian; L.C. Monty, Jr; and Lacyblu. Performing as MC will be local comic Rich Kronfeld (Semi-related sidenote: Kronfeld is signed onto Twin Cities-based Stand Up! Records, which we recently profiled.)

The $35 tickets are tax deductible, so you can stick it to the IRS if that’s your thing.

Click here to find out more and purchase tickets.