No Doubt mesmerizes the Xcel Center

No Doubt made an entrance with a boom. Coming out from behind a curtain onto an all white set, there wasn't one sitting or quiet person. The one and only Gwen Stefani, sporting her hair in tight buns on her head, started the night off right with "Spiderwebs," a track off of 1995's Tragic Kingdom. They continued with the mega-popular hit, "Hella Good" followed by "Underneath It All," and with those three opening songs you could feel the energy pulsating throughout the whole venue. The night went on with hits like "Ex Girlfriend," "Bathwater," "Hey Baby," "Don't Speak," and "It's My Life."

No Doubt mesmerizes the Xcel Center
No Doubt mesmerizes the Xcel Center

Photos by Stacy Schwartz, click here for slideshow.

Gwen kept screaming, "Twin Cities!" "Minneapolis, St. Paul!"  She kept calling us a great, delicious group of people.  She thanked us for our amazing energy and for coming out to see them tonight.  She also said that her sister was supposed to make it to the concert but couldn't but had about 500 relatives at the concert because her sister married "one of us."  The band also spent the 4th of July in Minnesota, they watched fireworks from a ballroom on a 50th floor, overlooking "our beautiful city," she said.

No Doubt mesmerizes the Xcel Center

There were a few breaks, one with Gwen bringing a fan onstage who had drawn her a picture, and another with members Adrian Young, Tom Dumont, Stephen Bradley, Tony Kanal, and Gabriel McNair rocking out with their drums, trombone, trumpet, bass, and guitar.  Throughout the set there were various videos playing in the background of the stage, from music videos to intimate home videos of the band throughout the years.  Stefani changed her outfit a total of three times, the most memorable one being a checkered, sequined shirt. She looked striking in all of the outfits that she wore, with her pale skin, light blonde hair, and dark red lipstick.

No Doubt mesmerizes the Xcel Center

The set ended with the hit, "Just A Girl."  Fans cheered and waited for the anticipated and expected encore, and the band came out to perform one of the best encores I have ever seen with "Rock Steady," "Stand and Deliver," and "Sunday Morning."

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