No Doubt leaks their cover of Stand and Deliver


Ain't no hollaback girl? Gimme Noise begs to differ.

Between serving as Gavin Rossdale's part-time beard and reheating her head-spinning tenure as a pop diva, it's hard to remember that Gwen Stefani was, at one time, the front woman of the most successful ska band of all time.

Granted, many of us might be doing our best to forget those helium-pitched "ska" megahits that polluted our teen years. But the news of No Doubt's reunion sparked rumors that, perhaps, Stefani might at least be distracted enough to quit loudly denying her identity as a hollaback girl.

But sike! The new leaked track covers Adam Ant's "Stand and Deliver," and will have fans and detractors alike cringing between the earbuds.

Adam Ant's original (which has, in its rereleases, been altered to "Save the Gorilla") was a model of everything raw and sloppy and analog about new wave. Predictably, No Doubt's cover reeks of the million dollar studio session, in which every note has all the endearing dents and dings hammered out and buffed to a nauseating shine. Stefani and her cohorts must have spent the intervening years sharpening their fangs, because what's left over after this 3 and a half minutes is a bloodless husk of a song, with every scrap of meat and marrow flayed away.

Fine-- we can applaud the band's rudimentary good taste in source material. But man oh man. Adam Ant must be rolling in the crypt that his career was thrown in, still breathing and badly bloodied. Granted, Mr. Ant hasn't been the most dilligent curator of his own career over the years. But he never did anything to deserve this hackjob. Here's hoping Stefani is quick to go back to collaborating with massively powerful pop producers. This fare isn't even strong enough to prop up her skeletal frame.