No! Coldplay is not middling, characterless, or 'aggressively mediocre'

Can "aggressive mediocrity" rock like this? No, it clearly cannot.

Can "aggressive mediocrity" rock like this? No, it clearly cannot. Katie Haugland Bowen

Reader Jarrod Schoenecker responds to Summit's troubles stem from being the Coldplay of Minnesota beers

I take high offense to this! Being compared to Coldplay should be a very positive thing! Coldplay is not degrading. They're incredible live, original, and great, with genius music. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know their music.

The quote, "For too long they we're the only option in St. Paul and now that is far from the case. Their brews are obvious, middling, and with very little character or personality. They are the Coldplay of Minnesota craft breweries: aggressively mediocre."

Mediocre? Very little character or personality? Obvious? No.

None of this is true about Coldplay music. Especially as their music has progressed, it is what I would call very subtly complex. In other words, simple minds don't understand the complexity of the what makes their music great.

Try to compose a piece like what they have progressed into now. Age, race, gender, etc., are no barriers for people loving their music. The only groups of people who dislike Coldplay music are those who do not like that genre or style, which is fine. But not fine are people who run on hearsay and want to join the bandwagon of Coldplay haters when they know nothing about them or their music.

I believe Sue, the sender of this letter, to be the latter. Just on their last tour, which wrapped up in November, they sold over 5 million tickets and generated just over a half-billion dollars in revenue alone. Their last album sold about 3.3 million copies. It was the eighth-best-selling album of 2015 with 1.9 million copies sold worldwide, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. It was the ninth-best-selling album of 2016, with 1.4 million copies sold worldwide.

Sue Bush needs a lesson in Coldplay music!