No Bird Sing perform for City of Music

Here's the deal: It's Monday morning. The work week just hit the reset button. The caffeine hasn't even kicked in yet, but this video might do the trick. As with many Mondays 'round these parts, we here at Gimme Noise are jazzed to kick off our week by debuting a new City of Music video from MPLS.TV and Dan Huiting, and this week's video is so totally worth getting jazzed about.

Fresh off of their searing CD-release party at the Cedar last month, No Bird Sing got together with MPLS.TV in an abandoned warehouse somewhere near downtown Minneapolis to record a video for "Basquiat Loves Company," a track off their sophomore full-length Theft of the Commons. 

For more on No Bird Sing, read our interview from the print edition of City Pages, and see below for their City of Music debut.
Want a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the City of Music shoot with No Bird Sing? Click here.