No Bird Sing, 'Afterlife Insurance'


No Bird Sing are getting ready to release their sophomore full-length, Theft of the Commons, at the end of this month with a show at the Cedar Cultural Center. The band says that the new record finds them "on more organic ground... literally," mostly due to the fact that it was recorded in a barn in rural Minnesota, and that the record was inspired by the stark, baron landscape of a Midwest fall.

[jump] Both the album and the release show are dedicated to the memory of their friend and collaborator, Micheal Larsen. Judging from the first track, the album will be heavy on themes of loss, grief, and introspection.

Here's the lead single, "Afterlife Insurance":

Afterlife Insurance by nobirdsing

No Bird Sing plays a CD-release show for Theft of the Commons with Kill the Vultures and Kristoff Krane on Friday, April 29, at the Cedar Cultural Center. All Ages. $8/$10 at the door. 7 p.m. doors.