Nine Inch Nails announce hiatus, farewell tour with Jane's Addiction


Here's hoping it's just a Terrible Lie-- Nine Inch Nails say "goodbye."

His three paragraph goodbye, released yesterday afternoon through his official website, reads like a tearful Dear John note. Is this the funeral, or just the wake? A coma or an expiration? It's not immediately clear, but keep the sackcloth and a black armband handy.

A fond reflection upon Trent Reznor's breakout tour with Jane's Addiction twenty some years ago, a somber admission that 2008's "Lights in the Sky" tour was physically and emotionally devastating, and a satisfied look back on a career well spent-- Reznor's heartfelt missive to his fans is scarily reminiscent of a true blue farewell.

Nine Inch Nails, from 2007 and 2008's astonishing "Lights in the Sky" tour.

"In NIN world, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first releases," said Reznor on his official website yesterday. "I've been thinking for some time now it's time to make NIN disappear for a while."

For anyone upon whom Reznor's music was a formative force in youth and beyond, or for anyone born again by 2008's stunning "Lights in the Sky" tour (we raise our hands for both), this news is more than a mild shock. Reznor himself seemed renewed in his determination to continue a career that became more daring by the day.

The expiration of his Interscope contract seemed to trigger a renaissance of principles for the veteran goth rocker, and precipitated a slew of free online downloads (which, in the Ghosts quadrilogy and 2008's The Slip, contained his most engaging music in a decade or more), and a seemingly endless touring regimen that found him sharing stages with bands one hundredth his own notoriety (Crystal Castles, Deerhunter, etc.).

He seemed, bluntly, to have become the very opposite of a sell-out, and there was no indication that Reznor was running out of gas. 

Enough commentary-- read the missive for yourself, and wait with bated breath to see if his farewell tour plans with Jane's Addiction take shape.