NIN announces farewell tour. For real this time.


He's off Twitter, he's on Twitter. He's retiring, he's touring. He's quitting. Oh wait-- not before one LAST farewell tour. For real though. Then he's gone. For good. Poof, you hear?

It was announced today that, after Nine Inch Nails' current farewell tour wraps in a matter of weeks, a second round of goodbye shows has been booked. You know, for the more intimate goodbye.

There's something distinctly Minnesotan about this goodbye. It's like a Lutheran leaving a dinner party. And like any born Minnesotans, we hate anything distinctly Minnesotan.

Figuratively, Trent Reznor folded his napkin and rose from the table, announcing his intent to "get a move on," and then remained standing around the table while the guests sipped coffee, carrying on a conversation about road construction.

After fifteen minutes, Reznor went to the foyer to get his coat, saying, "Well, I'm gonna get a-goin'," but became distracted in the living room where he stopped to watch a Colgate commercial on T.V., and then inserted himself into a conversation about the Michael Jackson memorial.

Minutes later, Reznor slowly meandered to the foyer, where he dug through a pile of coats. "Soon as I find my coat," he said, "I'm gonna hit the road." After finding his coat, he stood silently in the foyer for several more minutes, the coat folded over his arm.

"Where's Trent?" asked a guest some time later.

"I don't know," replied another. "Last I saw him he was in the foyer."

"Well, his car's gone."

"He must have left."

We're certainly not hurrying Reznor to the door. And this farewell tour includes highly intimate performances at spots like the 500 capacity Bowery Ballroom, and promises numerous guest appearances and surprises.

But we admired the grace of his decision to call it quits, and the longer these farewell ceremonies drag on, the more that grace is endangered. Reznor has done such a good job of being upright and principled well into the his creative life-cycle, passing numerous peers on their way back down. We're hoping that when it does at last come time to bid Reznor a farewell, it's not with a limp, bored handshake and the suspicion that it won't be the final time.