Nightosaur and Voytek at the Entry tomorrow night


Our "Flyer of the Week" this week comes from a very special, magical place -- one that will delight Star Wars nerds even more than unwrapping an Ewok Village playset on Christmas morning, and one that will warm the hearts of even the coldest Wampa. That's right. In this week's flyer, Princess Leia finally takes her top off.

[jump] In celebration of Nightosaur's gig tomorrow night at the Entry with Voytek, Teenage Moods, and Hastings 3000 (an airtight lineup front-to-back if we've ever seen one), artist Brian David Downs sketched this magnificent Star Wars-themed flyer. For more of his work, check out Brainz Downz on Facebook.

Check out the full-size version of the flyer here: