Night Moves sign to Domino Records

Night Moves sign to Domino Records

Just last week for our Year in Music issue, we here at Gimme Nosie headquarters were reflecting on some of the year's overnight successes among up-and-coming Twin Cities bands. The most obvious of those, of course, have been Howler--signed to London's Rough Trade before even releasing an album--and Polica, who already played CMJ and toured with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Now it looks like we can add another band to that list: Night Moves.

The quartet, whose psychedelic music is often described as a cross between Todd Rundgren and Gram Parsons, announced early this afternoon on their

Twitter feed

that they will be releasing their debut album sometime next year on indie heavyweight Domino Records. Based in London, Domino's current roster of artists includes such big-name acts as Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, and Arctic Monkeys.

"The band is really excited," their manager, Paul Gillis, told Gimme Noise via email. He says they've been working on the deal for several months and that their first record should come out sometime "in the middle of 2012." 

"We should be doing some touring down and around SXSW but nothing's set in stone yet," Gillis adds.

Needless to say, this is huge news for Night Moves, whose four members have appeared, and currently appear, in several other local bands, including Dream Crusher and Food Pyramid. The band finished third in City Pages' Picked to Click poll just two months ago.

As they told us when we spoke with them at that time, Night Moves' debut record, Colored Emotions, briefly saw a digital release last spring. The band has been building a steady buzz even without a physical LP to promote, so this should definitely help build some momentum--and the benefits of working with a label like Domino go without saying.

"It's more than one album," Gillis says about the deal with Domino, confirming that Colored Emotions will indeed see a proper release this time around. "But there will be some changes made so it won't be as is."

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