Nicki Minaj releases "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem



On Friday we 'examined' Kesha's recently released "Sleazy", which comes off as a talent-divorced Nicki Minaj pose; affectation lacking experimentation. Today our mostly unprayed prayers get answered, as Minaj releases a single from her upcoming Pink Friday, featuring Eminem in full fuck-it-forward mode.

[jump] Minaj has steadily ascended the fuck out of the pearly steps in the last two years or so; her quirked charisma, spastic flow, fashion, and endearingly bizarre characters are relatively fearless experiments in the world of pop and/or hip-hop, setting her leagues apart from her peers' closely-hemmed public personas. Characters? She has two (Barbie and Roman Zolanski), soon three. Here she explains them to MTV's Sway:


Set to be the second song on her new record, over a trembling, persistent Minaj and Eminem target copycats, copyright infringers, and get to collar popping. Eminem's verses are classic swampy, angry Marshall; rhymes spilling over, structure sprouting off itself:

"Finally I broke down and bought her an iPod / and caught her stealing my music / so I tied her arms and legs to the bed / set up the camera / pissed twice on her look! / Two pees and a tripod!"

Pink Friday will be released on November 22nd, after which shit will be different. But also the same.

Nicki Minaj, "Roman's Revenge" feat. Eminem