Nickelback loses popularity contest... to a pickle


Poor Nickelback. Ever since Creed dissolved and Scott Stapp stopped being available to serve as the modern music critic's go-to punching bag, Nickelback has had to endure the wrath of hipsters nationwide. And now, to make matters worse, a Facebook campaign rallying against their popularity has caused an everyday, ordinary pickle to win more fans than the band's official Facebook page.

Here's a screen shot of the most recent fan counts for each:

Even if you take into account the nearly 25,000 Nickelback fans who don't know how to spell the band's name correctly, the pickle is still in the lead:

Over on the Daily Swarm today, the site points out that these kinds of "hater" fan pages are popping up left and right on Facebook (see: the onion ring who is threatening to out-fan Justin Bieber, among others), but that Pickelback here is the first to actually top the band in number of fans. There's even an official Pickelback site to help funnel traffic to the pickle's fan page.

Silly? Yes. But still, it's gotta hurt a little. According to Facebook page creator Coral Anne, Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger even took a moment out of his busy schedule to send a bitchy message to her about the rivalry. (Screen shot via Regretful Morning.)


Thanks for the laugh, Coral. Keep up the good work.