Nick Cave's Grinderman releases new single "Heathen Child"


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis's scuzzfuck rant of a band has released a new single, "Heathen Child,"  a single off the forthcoming album Grinderman 2. We return to a scene unchanged, soaking up discord while Cave spits his petulant poetics. They've still got some muck on their chest that needed getting off apparently.

The new record has been bolstered by a cross-eyed campaign of videos from director John HIllcoat (The Road) who has worked with Cave plenty in the past. Here's one:

In other completely unrelated Nick Cave news, he's been tapped to help with the screenplay of The Crow re-do. Huh.

"Heathen Child" is available September 6, Grinderman 2 September 13

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