Nicholas David's final performances on The Voice (VIDEO)

Nicholas David's final performances on The Voice (VIDEO)

Monday night, the first part of The Voice finale kicked off with a truly incendiary number from Minnesota's own Nicholas David.

After weeks of competition, making his way through the blind auditions with coach Cee Lo Green and winning over voters' hearts, it's clear that David has grown comfortable with the national stage even in this last week of competition. Last night, contestants sang three different songs for viewers to choose which of the final three contestants will become The Voice.

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Opening the show with a mashup of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" and Jimi Hendrix's "Fire," David branched out of his usual performance zone with an electrifying number that brought out the energetic performer in him -- not just the soulful singer viewers have watched week after week. Between his expertly rasping voice, the go go dancers, and the flaming piano, this performance made it quite evident that David's burgeoning singing career really is on fire.

David also had the chance to perform one of the songs he sang previously on the show, picking the Bill Withers classic "Lean on Me." Backed up with vocals by a gospel choir sitting on crates, this performance was in stark contrast to his other fiery song. As per usual, David's voice was spot-on for the piece with a little spunk thrown in, reminding viewers of the enthralling, thoughtful "St. Nick" they've followed throughout the season.

Capping off their time as contestant and coach, David and Green teamed up to sing "Play that Funky Music." And boy, was it funky. While the song was a great way of showcasing David's uncanny ability to dip between smooth and gritty at the drop of a note, the actual performance may have been a little distracting in terms of highlighting David's voice. From Green's shiny zebra-striped outfit to acrobats above the stage, and the Milo the dancing Cee Lo "Mini Me" (seriously, watch the video) there was a lot to look at. Though the song wasn't a great showcase of David's solo talent, it was a fun duet between the two singers -- both voices and styles complimenting each other, very much in their element.

Whether it's singing funk together or watching an emotional performance audiences have seen Green's admiration for David grows with each week. It's gotten to the point where rather than giving David a critique, Green offers up his respect and inspiration to The Voice hopeful. "I believe in you," said Green after his Bill Withers song this week. "You make me believe man. You move me, Nick. You really do. I don't have nothing fancy to say -- just something very sweet and something very simple, something very real and something very true and sincere... I love you."

Lastly, we couldn't forget the show's beautiful tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Connecticut. The hosts, judges, and this season's contestants gathered together on the candle-lined stage, singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" together as a choir. Each person held up a card with the name and age of a victim, while the judges took turns soloing a line of the song. While there was the potential for such a tribute to be garish -- this one was simple, somber and touching.

Who will win The Voice? Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. (CST) on NBC to catch the final show of the season.

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