Nicholas David on life after The Voice and selling out First Avenue

Nicholas David on life after The Voice and selling out First Avenue
Steven Cohen

Even over the phone, Nicholas David holds up to his reputation as being basically the nicest, most likeable guy in the history of the music business. He's got a warm voice that just sort of reaches out over the speaker to give your ear a hug. Seriously, he's that nice.

Nicholas David--or Nick "the Feelin'" Mrozinski as he was known to fans locally before wowing audiences with his soulful pipes on NBC's The Voice--is taking to First Avenue this weekend for a two-night stand where he's bringing in a slew of pals from the show and a host of local friends as well. Trevin Hunte (who took the fourth place spot to David's third), Melanie Martinez and Todd Kessler will perform on both Friday and Saturday nights, and Terry McDermott (second place) will be there on Saturday. Locally, Heatbox will be performing on Friday night, Teague Alexy on Saturday, and Desdamona and Alex Rossi will be there for both nights.

This is the first time David has had the chance to headline in his native city since before the show, and he's determined to make it a special occasion. Gimme Noise caught up with the singer ahead of his weekend gigs on what "the fame" is like, how his new album is coming along, and what the shows this weekend will look like.

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Gimme Noise: Tell me about the show. Why did you decide to bring in other former contestants from the Voice?

Nicholas David Mrozinski: Terry [McDermott] and I became really close over the show. We always said that whatever happens, we should really keep in touch and build bridges toward each other.... I kinda saw [the First Ave show] sold out pretty fast, the first night, and the other one is well on its way... it's like a thank you for the love and the support, really. Melanie [Martinez] is wonderful, and I wanted to bring in some Minnesota people, and I just wanted to say thank you. It's crazy how all these ideas and dreams, they've turned into reality really quickly.

What has been the biggest thing you've had to adapt to since the competition?

Thing is, I don't feel I've changed at all. I've been the same person the whole time, but the way the world sees me has changed. It's kind of wild. I mean, really adapting to people seeing me and asking for autographs and pictures and everything... I try to say yes to everything. There's this one story... I was in Orlando, and this driver picked me up, he was like 68 years old and he was about to retire to go live in Costa Rica. He was like, "You have a great energy about you!" and I was like, "Well, thank you," and he was like, "When these people come to you for pictures, you open your arms to everyone." I said "Yeah, well, I'm just trying to thank them." He was like, "That's really special. That's a special moment that you give someone for their life, and that's a special thing." That's another thing to adapt to and that's amazing--it's as easy as giving a little bit of time to touch people. It's crazy with these opportunities coming in. I always try to give back.

You're currently working on your sixth studio album. What can you tell me about it?

It's layered. It's a layered, textured thing. We've been doing some recording in LA, and I can't tell you who it's with, unfortunately, and some in Minnesota. [It's an album about] who I am and where it's led me and where I'll stay, and I want to honor that experience. We expect something to be out in the fall, and I'm really excited. It's going to be mostly with the band that you'll see [at First Ave], and we've been working really hard. The idea is to play what you feel, and it's changed the whole dynamic. It's a very cool evolution.

What's the biggest thing you're excited for your audience to see this weekend?

I'm just excited... I just feel like on the show, I've just felt such love and support and I feel it's a good way to say thank you. We've been rehearsing a bunch... We've got a bunch of original new music and we've added three background singers and another keyboard player, so it's literally seven voices singing in our band alone to display some of that richness. I'm super excited to bring back local friends and friends from The Voice, and I've got some buddies doing some cool art, and I'm excited for some things coming up like Rock the Cause. You only dream about these things, and then when they happen it's hard to grasp. I'm just super filled with gratitude. It's just like a really big thank you, that's the best way I can say it.

Nicholas David will be performing at the First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11. Both shows are $15. 8 p.m. 18+. Friday night is sold out. More details here.

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