Nicholas David from St. Paul makes The Voice's top 12

Nicholas David from St. Paul makes The Voice's top 12
Screengrab from The Voice

If there's a show made for Nicholas "The Feelin'" David Mrozinski, it's The Voice. David isn't what you'd call a typical contestant on a singing show. He's got long, unruly hair and a shaggy beard to match. Rectangular glasses frame his 32-year-old face, and a slew of rings engulf his fingers holding the mic during performances. Often clad in tweed or velvet blazers and slacks, David just doesn't fit into the usual pop-star mold. It seems that above all else, David is a family man.

Hailing from St. Paul, he plays regular gigs around the Twin Cities after a battle with alcohol and weight which cut a potential music career short in his youth. Now he's got two kids and another on the way with his longtime girlfriend, all while chasing his dream of performing in the big leagues. And that dream has led him to the show's top 12.

For those unfamiliar with The Voice, this isn't your typical American Idol spin-off. Most talent-spotting shows usually focus on the total package right off the bat: looks (or potential for a Hollywood makeover), voice, the works. Getting onto The Voice means you have to rely solely on (wait for it...) your voice while a team of celeb judges decides whether or not they'll turn their chair around and offer you a spot on their team. With the four very different judges including Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton, the teams turn out to be as diverse as possible.

Reading David's blogs on The Voice website is actually a heartwarming treat filled with little tidbits about his journey to the national stage alongside his family. He describes a preliminary audition in Chicago as "a family trip with a gig in between," and a trip to the Shedd Aquarium. When most of the other singers on the show merely gush about how crazy and amazing it feels to be on The Voice's stage David talks about inspiration, his "gal" and his kids.

Seriously, this guy is the epitome of Minnesota nice. I can't help but feel bubbly and effervescent after watching David's segments on the show from rehearsal to live performance.

Now, with all this talk about what a great and humble guy Nicholas is, does he have the voice to back up his coveted spot on the show? You bet.

Nicholas David from St. Paul makes The Voice's top 12
Screengrab collage from The Voice

Anyone that watches The Voice knows that the moment a chair turns around during the blind auditions can be the make-or-break point for the performance. Sometimes it invigorates the performers, sometimes they're unphased, and sometimes a chair turn breaks them down. Here's what David felt during his blind audition when he sang "Stand by Me":

Before I knew it my shoes were setting foot on that stage, I got the guitar ready, and waited for Nate on drums to count it off, I took a breath and the dream commenced. Close to the beginning I looked over and A Chair was turned, and I was like, can't look there, look somewhere else and keep rockin, that's so awesome the chair turned, but seriously don't look at it. Then the song was done and all the chairs turned. One of the chairs said he was pushing his button but his team was full, the other chair said the same thing, then the chair that turned spoke, and I still can't tell or remember what was said, it was like the part of the dream where you can't remember.

The chair that turned happened to be Cee Lo Green. Over the next few weeks, Cee Lo cultivated and coached David's sound, and now the family man from Minnesota has been voted into the ultimate top 12.

Could this guy go all the way? Yeah, he really could.

David's got rock and soul woven into his vocal chords. He's been able to draw upon the pain and hardship as well as the happiness and the hope he's experienced, putting it flawlessly into his music. During the final round before America voted for the top 12, Cee Lo urged David to add more swag to his routine. To which David replied, "I don't understand the whole swagger thing. I feel like a grandparent, like when a grandparent asks you how to work a VCR."

David worked out some swag by the time he got on stage and sang an incredible rendition of Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Only." Raspy, passionate, and yet uniquely his own, the performance had the audience roaring long after he sang his last note.

Seriously, when someone gets Adam Levine hot and bothered (Exhibit A, Levine's intense head-bop stare at 1:56; Exhibit B, "I'm a huge fan of yours... Barry White makes baby makin' music, and I wanna make a baby now."), that's skill.

Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. (CST) on NBC, to see and vote for David and the rest of the remaining contestants as they perform live for the chance to keep singing for another week.

Here's a look at all of David's performances from season three of The Voice.

"Stand by Me" -- Blind Audition:

"She's Gone" -- Battle Round:

"Put Your Records On" -- Knockout Round:

"You're the First, the Last, My Only" -- America Votes

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