Nice Purse releasing Slumber Girls via new local label Forged Artifacts

Scrappy Minneapolis indie rock outfit Nice Purse -- which just so happens to have some personnel crossover with a little-known act named Howler -- has just announced details for the vinyl release of their second album, Slumber Girls.

The 180 gram black vinyl comes courtesy of a new local imprint called Forged Artifacts. This is actually the label's first release, and is an undeniably great entry into the local label market.

Gimme Noise caught up with Forged Artifacts founder Matt Linden to find out more about his new venture. Read the interview and check out an exclusive track from the forthcoming Nice Purse album below.

Gimme Noise: How did you decide to launch Forged Artifacts? What other projects had you worked on previously or are you working on now?

Matt Linden: After writing about music for a few years -- running my own blog and writing for a couple local outlets (Onion's AV Club, -- going to shows and just being an avid music fan, I decided I wanted to do something a bit more substantial, tangible, and lasting for the bands I enjoyed listening to. I've always had an affinity for physical music and the tradition of vinyl records, so the idea for a small, limited-run vinyl record label was where I wanted to take it. I have seen different types models working for people -- some of which put out terrific limited releases -- and just wanted to base it off small labels I admire. I knew I wanted to keep it small and in-house. I wanted to be able to manage everything myself and it's been working well. I've also had added help coming from design and writer friends. I have a pretty broad musical palette, so the real goal is to put out music I feel is interesting and music other people will hopefully deem interesting, rather than concentrating on a specific sound or genre.

Where are you based, and who else is involved?

Forged Artifacts is based in Minneapolis. All orders will be packaged and sent out directly from me out of my house. It's a one-man show, but I have had some assistance from a couple friends for web and graphic work. It's worked out great so far. As far as I'm concerned, everyone who shows excitement is involved -- the bands, the followers, the casual onlookers. With so much music flooding the Internet, I just want to build a community around people who enjoy honest music and the spirit of physical music. I want to create something lasting in our non-stop, digitized age. Being passionate about music, it's something I feel is important.

What other independent labels inspired your business model?

That's tough, because there are plenty. I also don't want to single out a label and at the same time dog another for forgetting. Whatever. Locally, I really love what Moon Glyph has done in the past couple years. TGNP put out some really cool and interesting releases -- stuff that more people should be paying attention to. And also Guilt Ridden Pop. Others that I follow and really enjoy: Perennial Death (WA), Burger Records (CA), Holy Mountain (OR), Forest Family (TX), Sacred Bones (NY), In the Red (CA) ... man, there are so many.

Nice Purse releasing Slumber Girls via new local label Forged Artifacts

How did you end up working with Nice Purse for the first release? How does it sound?

The chips just fell, really. I have seen Nice Purse perform a few times -- all of which were excellent. They really are a band you want to see live -- the last time being their album release show earlier this year opening for Dom. I had been following them and approached them asking if they wanted to work to get Slumber Girls pressed, and here we are.

How does it sound? You'll just have to wait and see. The actual pressing is on heavy weight 180 gram so it sounds super clean and crisp. You'll be into it if you like garage rock-y folk-y punk explosions. The album is non-stop energy. A real fun listen.

What's next?

I'm just getting this thing off the ground and testing the waters at this point. I want to push this record out and get people excited about the label in the process. I have a couple releases percolating, but nothing I wanna divulge right now. Hopefully I can get some other local bands interested -- there are plenty I would like to work with and chat with.

Here's "Filthy Broken Arrows" off Slumber Girls, which will be released soon via Forged Artifacts. Order here.

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