NFL team owner buys Prince's iconic guitar for $137,500

Shred, Prince, shred!

Shred, Prince, shred!

When Prince sang about "a pocket full of horses" in "Little Red Corvette," he was talkin' condoms, not colts. 

But now there is a concrete Prince-Colts connection. Jim Irsay, owner of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, purchased Prince's iconic "Yellow Cloud" guitar Saturday at an auction in Beverly Hills. 

Irsay shelled out $137,500 for the guitar, one the late pop superstar used frequently during concerts until the mid-'90s, Heritage Auctions reports. 

"This guitar, like everything about the enigmatic virtuoso, is uniquely Prince," Heritage said in the auction listing. Prince snapped the neck of the instrument in 1994, former guitar tech Zeke Clark tells NBC News, but the auction house says it was expertly repaired. 

The custom-made guitar was crafted in 1989 by the Minneapolis firm Knut-Koupee Enterprises, according to the Smithsonian. It appeared in the music videos for "Cream" and "Gett Off."

Irsay already owns instruments that once belonged to Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and others. He spent $2.2 million on one of Ringo Starr's drum kits last year. Meanwhile, the author of this blog sacrifices precious seconds scanning for the cheapest cage-free eggs at the grocery store. 


"Mr. Irsay is delighted this historical instrument will reside with many others," Chris McKinney, the curator of Irsay's collection, said of the "Yellow Cloud" guitar in a press release. "The collection is about preserving pieces of music history and this guitar will join those used by some of the world's greatest musicians — of which Prince certainly deserves a place of honor."

For a nice rundown of Irsay's ax collection, check out this post from Guitar World. 

The purchase of Prince's guitar will look like a bargain compared to the humongous contract the Colts owner will soon offer stud quarterback Andrew Luck. Here's a fascinating, often disturbing ESPN the Magazine profile of Irsay from 2014. 

The messy settlement of Prince's estate, which has nothing to do with the "Yellow Cloud" guitar sale, continued its messiness Monday at the Carver County Courthouse in Chaska, Minnesota.